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sAndii ♥
02 December 2016 @ 12:46 pm
My journal's a semi-Locked one yea :D? 
Dont ask me why , 
because i feel like it LOL .


I'm not fierce or something okay XD .
About the icons; 
I usually forgot who did them until i used them.
therefore; I'm unable to credit them D:
( except those who put their LJ names together with their icons )
so forgive me m ( _ _ ) m 

For people lazy to leave me a comment, please click the link to my shoutbox, 
or click http://www4.shoutmix.com/?sandii-x :D

50% fangirl ;
25% life;
10% animanga ;
5% rants;
10% random :D 
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sAndii ♥
31 December 2008 @ 08:58 pm
Wow, last post of the year here:D .
watching kouhaku now,
and omg, nice songs laaaaaaaa.
and tokio's there.
and there's aoyma teruma XD .

omg, posting here is so different from the basic acc.
seeing you can use 15 icons IS SO FCKING COOL 8Dv .

Hmm, After a long time, I thought it'd be time to declare my love confession now:D.
Okay, After reading SDC for a longgggggggggggg time, I LOVE KOMAKI THE MOST LAAAAA.

And she's just a side character, not a main character >:{ .
She's so cute/pretty/perfect/nice/ and all the nicest things in the world >D .
And she actually won in the popularity vote out of all the characters in SDC!
*cough* she won haine *cough*
But no one icons her >:{ .
so I took my precious time off to icon her.
not the prettiest, but not the worst either, i assume.
First time trying this technique. XDDDDDD .

Komaki is srsly so pretty and blablabla of the prettiest:D.
I cant believe she's the side character! >:{ .
but whocares, since she won the popularity vote even though she's a side character,
whatever LOL.

It'd be my last post of the year!
cux tmr'd be 09' alr. DX .
so last post of the year, month and day X) .
Promise for picture update, and ohmygawwwwwwd, this post is short Dx

Might be going to transfer the money in in the afternoon though:\ .
cant wait for my con goods laaaaaa :Dv .

went out with wy later, and walked so much but it's okay since it's excercise XD .
oh, my chinese birthday'son the 28th :D

I'm feeling so motivated to use this journal now LOL
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sAndii ♥
11 October 2008 @ 06:14 pm
I'm a happy girl today :D .
I managed to watch skipbeat yesterday on Tv.

Honestly, I didnt know it was skipbeat.
cause I only on the television to see what anime was showing last night
and it was the OP playing halfway.
I've read the first chapter of the manga ( LOL ) so I knew it instantly.
I was like. WTH. ._.
luckily I caught the first episode, because I havent watched it yet.

I'm very,very happy that Jigoku Shoujo is showing @ 11 on wed,
ToraDora is showing on 11:30 on thurs.
( I dont like shakugan so shana, so there's nth for me to watch on 11 )
and Skip Beat @ 11 on fri.
Samurai Deeper Kyo is ending when my school holi's start .
I hope some good anime will show:3333333333~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .
I dont like samurai animes XD .

Aint' gna put this under a cut because I'm a happy girl today.
although I dont seem to trust the subs given by that television =_=; .
no wonder they keep haolian on the same week telecast as Japan.
I remember they said that for D.Gray man too.
but I dont like dgrayman ._. .
AND BEST OF ALL, IT'S NOT DUBBED *throws coffetti*
say no to dubs .mwahahaha.

I can watch Magical Lyrical Nanoha @ 1am today.
I dont like Jubei chan the Ninja girl.
I recognised that anime because of the theme song .LOL .
and the story is stupid .
maybe I dont like ninja/samurai types .
Mwahahahahahhaa . I think Avatar, the last bender is showing too .
and Inuyasha .

I know Kids Central show anime's too. but dub ones.
( Konjiki no Gash Bell )
I'm very happy because of Jigoku Shoujo and Skip Beat AND ToraDora.
geh. I love toradora. cause taiga so cute.
like Kyomoto Taiga. LOL .
god, I'm such a happy girl.
and luckily I checked the schedule @ art central's webpage. :3 .

bakuman is teh love.
That manga is niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .
Changing to a Love Com Mood Theme. LOVELY COMPLEX = LOVE .
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sAndii ♥
09 October 2008 @ 09:32 am

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sAndii ♥
08 October 2008 @ 04:20 pm
small update.
dont kill me, ryosuke's fans xD;;;; .

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sAndii ♥
05 October 2008 @ 11:21 am

As what ange-chan says: HIATUS.
I will be back on friday!
and I'm dreading my f-page on my other account ._.; .

shokura today!
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